Mary Warner

I taught middle and high school math for 12 years before moving on to become the owner/operator of Angelica Ink Letterpress.

I became interested in letterpress on a trip to New York City to visit my husbands cousin, a master printer at Bowne and Company Stationers. When I walked into the print shop, I loved everything about it. I loved the smell of the ink, the look of the type, the cast iron equipment, the stationery they made and the paper they used. I could only hope to get a press of my own someday.

Within a year, my dreams were coming true, and I was filling my garage with type and presses and I was printing for family and friends. This was 2008. By 2011, I needed more space and was ready to open a print shop. In May of 2012, I opened Angelica Ink Letterpress in the old “Shadowdancers” building in Angelica. The building houses my letterpress studio along with an operating print and copy shop offering offset and digital print options.

I love to share letterpress with all ages and can offer workshops in the studio or at libraries and schools.

Susan with “Wow” Award at Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery

Susan with “Wow” Award at Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery

Susan Doran

I am the new Artist in Residence at Angelica Ink. I recently retired from the Pittsford, NY School District and am ready to get back into the printing and arts world. My passion is making recycled handmade paper, binding leather journals and making victorian hair wreaths. Check out my website at .